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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?
Lundaböcker offers the best service to buy and sell new and used books. On our website you can sell, reserve, search and automatically reserve all books you need for your courses. You will receive instant information about your books status as soon as a sale, buy or reservation has been issued. Lundaböcker offers a complete online system that allows you to check the status of your account, books we have, reservations, ordering of new books etc, no matter where you are.

Where are we located?
We're located at Kiliansgatan 11 in Lund or at our website -

How can I find my way to Lundaböcker?
Check out our movie with directions here!

What can I sell and buy at
At Lundaböcker we offfer you the service of buying or selling new or used books. We receive the following categories of books: Course literature - university books or Komvux, and travel books. We do not accept any novels or pocket books, and no copied handouts either. We only accept books in good condition that can be used again. You can reserve books that are available in our store. You can also put up an automatic search and inquiry for books and also see which books others are looking for.

How do I sell something at
It's simple. You register as a customer by going to our website Enter all necessary information about the books you would like to sell - ISBN, title, author, etc.; salesprice - you decide how much you would like to sell your book for; condition of the book - excellent, good, readable; confirm the given information, and lastly - turn in the book to our store at Kiliansgatan 11 in Lund.

How and when can I get my money?
As soon as one of your books has sold, you will be automatically informed by e-mail, confirming the sale of your book and informing you that the money from the sale is available for pick-up. You can either 1) come to our store during our regular opening hours and pick up the money in cash, or 2) inform us of your bank account number, and we will transfer the money to your account the following Friday.

How much does this service cost?
Lundaböcker is only acting as the agent between the seller and buyer. For our services we charge a commission of 20 SEK if the salesprice is lower than 200 SEK, or 10 % of the salesprice if this is over 200 SEK. VAT on the commission is included in the price.

Means of payment?
For the moment we can only accept cash.

Reservation of books.
Lundaböcker offers you the service of searching ad reserving books automatically. Indicate which book you are searching in our online system. When the book has been taken from the list of sales, you will receive an email confirming that the book has been reserved in your name. You must then come and pick up the book in our store as soon as possible, at the latest within 48 hours. Customers who are not registered in our system, can register when they enter the reservation. This service will cost you nothing extra.

Automatic search and inquiry for books
Indicate which book you are searching for with title, author and ISBN number. When the book is available in our store, you will be automatically informed of this by e-mail. You must then confirm the reservation or come into our store and pick up the book, You will also be able to see the books others have requested.