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Why become a member?

Lundaböcker is the best alternative to sell, buy and reserve books. Advertisements placed on a notice board get covered by hundreds of advertisements of the same type. You will not have to worry about answering telephone calls, meeting people, bargaining prices, or getting paid. Lundaböcker gives your books good customer exposure and delivers the money made from their sale into your bank account.(optional service) What more can you wish for?

Details of Postal Service
For this service you only need to create an account with us, and then add the books with the information requested.
Send by the postal service of your choice with a note indicating your e-mail address and postal address to:
Kiliansgatan 11
223 50 Lund

We will confirm by e-mail when your books arrive.
When the books are sold you will get instant information, you can pick up the money at the store or we can do a direct deposit into your bank account.
The books must to be in good `condition`, otherwise they will be sent back to the sender on his or her expense. The cost of postal service is to be paid by the sender and Lundaböcker is not responsible for the loss or damage of the books.
If the books are not sold within the period established for Lundaböcker, (10 months) the books can be picked up in our store or be sent back by postal service, the cost of which will be paid by the customer. For this service, the conditions established in our contract will apply.